VinFast, the global smart electric vehicle brand from Vietnam, is again partnering with AUTOBEST to organize the “ECOBEST Challenge 2024 – Electrified by VinFast” for the fourth time in a row. The event will occur between June 26th and 28th, 2024, in Vairano, Italy.

This year’s edition of “ECOBEST Challenge – Electrified by VinFast” represents one more unit to the strategic collaboration agreement between VinFast and AUTOBEST, lasting since 2021.

The 2024 edition of the ECOBEST Challenge has been certified by Bureau Veritas – a global recognition of the genuine, comprehensive, consistent, and innovative methodology employed in testing electric vehicles (EVs) in real traffic conditions and assessing their real-life green credentials in an unbiased manner.

In 2023 Bureau Veritas granted ECOBEST Challenge for the first time the certification after a very detailed analysis of the testing methodology, refined in many years of measuring green credentials of EV’s based on criteria pioneered by the AUTOBEST organization.

This year, Quattroruote, the Italian car bible, is supporting the event as a technical partner for the third time.

Organized annually by AUTOBEST, ECOBEST Challenge is the first European independent real traffic test of mainstream EVs, revealing their true green credentials. It remains the only test of its kind with a transparent, neutral, and balanced approach. The event aims to provide clear information about electric vehicle models and to raise public awareness about the benefits of transitioning to environmentally friendly, green-powered vehicles.

Key international media members are invited to test-drive the vehicles across various roads, motorways, and urban settings in Quattroruote, Vairano. This guarantees that outcomes are supported by unparalleled transparency and unwavering reliability.

From June 26th to June 28th, the ECOBEST Challenge 2024 will test 14 electric cars from different well-known manufacturers such as Audi Q4 e-tron, BMW i5 Touring, BYD Dolphin, Fiat 600e, Honda e:Ny1, Hyundai Kona, Kia EV9, Lancia Ypsilon, Mini, Opel Corsa, Tesla Model Y, Smart #3, Volkswagen ID.7 and Volvo EX30.

Testing will occur on diverse terrain and traffic conditions to ensure the most accurate and realistic test results. In terms of terrain, the cars will be tested on a mixed route encompassing motorways, national and regional roads, and urban roads. As for testing vehicle operations, every model will be driven until battery depletion, under normal conditions on roads and motorways, and in Eco mode while running in the city.

All test drivers will be encouraged to apply their typical real-life driving styles and to try all the onboard technologies, such as the air-conditioner, sound systems, navigation systems, and other connected technologies. Drivers will rotate cars every 25 kilometers to prevent driving style bias.

We are very proud to partner for the fourth time with VinFast, the fast-growing EV brand of Vietnam. We share the same values in encouraging the people of Europe and the world to go for sustainable transportation. The latest developments in the European markets clearly show that EV is becoming a key trend in Europe, with more and more people considering the purchase of it. The “ECOBEST Challenge – Electrified by VinFast” challenge delivers real information on the range a customer can expect, how big the battery reserve is worth, the energy efficiency, and more. As now is proven by the Certificate issued by Bureau Veritas, the entire driving method is consistent with the randomized ‘human factor’ defined by AUTOBEST and based on the diversity of members coming from all around Europe,” said Mr. Dan Vardie, the Founder & Chairman of AUTOBEST and the creator of ECOBEST Challenge.

Ms. Le Thi Thuy Trang, CEO of VinFast Europe, shared: “VinFast is proud to partner once again with AUTOBEST for the ECOBEST Challenge 2024, underscoring our dedication to the rigorous and independent assessment of electric vehicle performance in real-world scenarios. As a leading electric vehicle manufacturer committed to sustainable mobility, VinFast recognizes the vital role initiatives like the ECOBEST Challenge play in empowering European consumers with comprehensive information to make informed choices, thereby accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future.”

The results of the measurements and the ECOBEST Challenge 2024 indexes will be announced in an online press conference following the event.



The AUTOBEST organisation was created in 2001 with the revolutionary concept of finding the ‘Best Buy Car’ available on the European market. AUTOBEST is the biggest independent motoring Jury in Europe, with top journalists representing 32 countries, of which Russia is suspended for the time being.

For a car to become an AUTOBEST winner, it must represent the best offer for most European customers. Price, service network, spare parts distribution and versatility are the most important criteria in the voting process. Design and new technologies are also becoming a more critical factor for voting. AUTOBEST uses a transparent voting system, with a complex matrix of 13 criteria to decide the winner.

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