The world’s real traffic Test of mainstream EC


In 2008, in Istanbul, Turkey, during the AUTOBEST Gala, it was launched “The Real Green” initiative with the aim of informing the European consumer on the real green performance of the cars. 

In 2012 AUTOBEST officially launched the ECOBEST Challenge project, as a world’s first project for measurements of consumption, CO2 emissions, pollutants and micro particles. ECOBEST Challenge was launched years before Diesel gate scandal, with the aim to give consumer real data in real life traffic.


AUTOBEST was the first NGO motoring European organisation that drew the attention on the differences between real traffic conditions and the European cycle of measurements.


In 2013 AUTOBEST reignited ECOBEST CHALLENGE Project, in partnership with Peter Auto, Bureau Veritas and Transport & Environment NGO in Brussels, aiming to offer every auto consumer the possibility to find out the consumption, the CO2 emissions, micro particles and the noxes produced by their cars in real traffic conditions, also the real range of the EV`s and plugins and fast charging capabilities.

Through this project, AUTOBEST aims to come with an assessment about how truly green these technologies and products are by the end of the day.


In July 2018, AUTOBEST joined forces with Spanish publication coches.net and organised the first edition of ECOBEST Challenge to measure the first Real Range EV Test on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, where 10 EVs on sale in Europe were checked for their real range.

Professional journalists drove the cars in the surroundings of Barcelona city.


`With ECOBEST Challenge, our organization is making one bolder step to serve European motorists, delivering key information about the real range, energy efficiency and more about the most popular EV’s on the market.

Our aim is to offer an independent test, where all the cars are driven in the same time, on the same route by different drivers, coming this year from 13 countries. Our consistent method of testing was exactly the same for all the cars and the results are representing –in our opinion- a good average, a very reliable reference for all the EV’s in the test.

With the unique figures of real range after the Zero battery indication on the cluster, AUTOBEST if sending a clear message that there is life after the official emptiness of the battery” declared Dan Vardie, Founder & Chairman of AUTOBEST and the creator of ECOBEST Challenge as a crucial part of the AUTOBEST The Real Green larger project.


  •  Press Conference with partners and stakeholders to announce the results
  • Dissemination of results to consumer associations in Europe
  • Dissemination of results to important press outlets: Euronews, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomerang, Reuters
  • Participants: AUTOBEST journalists (top motoring writers from 32 European countries) and key international and national media covering automotive subjects
  • Video production in English uploaded to 32 media channels from 32 European countries
  • Print files (text and pictures) available for all 32 jury members attending or not the test to be published around Europe
  • Press Release (text with complete results, pictures and video link) in English
  • Availability of dedicated video/ pictures facilities for international media interested in disseminating the ECOBEST Challenge results.
  • Articles and European coverage post event in media outlets from 32 countries- members of AUTOBEST Jury
  • Online coverage on www.autobest.org , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube


  • Real journey in a chosen area- a circuit of 80-100 km using urban streets, regional roads and highway. All the cars will perform exactly the same circuit. 
  • 20-25 international motoring writers will test exchanging cars every 20-25 km, first day. 
  • 20-25 jury members will perform the test exchanging cars every 20-25 km second day.
  • Regular use of cars: clima 21 degrees, radio on, not eco mode, navi on, etc
  • GPS system to measure mileage
  • Two day test
  • Final results: average of the two day tests


ECOBEST Challenge is the only one independent test in Europe measuring what is happening after the battery reserve indication is showing zero! With this package of info’s, AUTOBEST is sending an incredible relief to all the people driving EV’s and arriving to such a difficult situation of having Zero battery reserve.