VinFast – a global smart electric vehicle brand from Vietnam, today announces the partnership with AUTOBEST to organize the “ECOBEST Challenge 2021 – Electrified by VinFast” in Barcelona, Spain. This is the world’s first real traffic electric vehicle test, with the goal of making information about electric vehicle models more transparent, thus increasing public awareness of the advantages of switching to environmentally friendly green-powered vehicles.

“ECOBEST Challenge 2021 – Electrified by VinFast” is part of a strategic collaboration agreement inked in October between VinFast and AUTOBEST. This project will be held annually beginning in 2021 as a community activity of the business.

The prestigious AUTOBEST jury consists of renowned automotive journalists from 32 European countries. In addition, key international media members are invited to test drive the cars on various roads, motorways, and city environments in the Valles Occidental region of Spain to ensure that results are backed by the utmost transparency and reliability.

“ECOBEST Challenge 2021 – Electrified by VinFast” takes place from November 4th to 6th 2021, and will attract 15 electric cars from 13 different well-known manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, and others.

The 16 different electric vehicle models will have a minimum homologated range of 200 kilometers priced up to €32,000 before taxes. Testing occurs on diverse terrain and traffic conditions to ensure the most realistic test results. Specifically, in terms of terrain, the cars will be tested on a mixed route of 51 km with motorways, roads, and city environments. Traffic testing will be done by comparing weekday and weekend commutes. As for testing vehicle operations, every model will be driven until battery depletion, under normal conditions on roads and motorways, and in Eco mode while running in the city.

All test drivers are encouraged to behave normally with their real-life driving styles and try all the onboard technologies, such as air-conditioning, sound systems, navigation systems, and other connected technologies. Additionally, to avoid any driving style biases, drivers will switch cars every 25 kilometers.

With a prominent jury, tough criteria, and an objective evaluation process, this is a “golden” opportunity for participating automobile manufacturers to reassert their quality and commitments to consumers in the entire European market. The results will be announced in Frankfurt (Germany) at the end of November 2021.

“Electric vehicle range is one of the stoppers for many people when considering the purchase of electric cars. “The ECOBEST Challenge – Electrified by VinFast” will deliver real information on the range a customer can expect from the car if they decide to buy it. The entire method comes down to an average based on the randomized “human factor” defined by AUTOBEST and based on the diversity of members coming from all around Europe,” says Dan Vardie, the Founder & Chairman of AUTOBEST.

VinFast, the smart electric vehicle brand emerging from Vietnam, says that this partnership with AUTOBEST represents a significant step towards its global plan of major involvement within the electric vehicle sector.

According to Bich Tran, CEO of VinFast Europe, “For VinFast, this collaboration with AUTOBEST is a fantastic opportunity to drive the global electric vehicle revolution. Although VinFast is not showcasing any cars in “ECOBEST Challenge – Electrified by VinFast,” this involvement conveys our desire to collaborate with other car manufactures to promote the transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles in Europe. We are delighted to collaborate with AUTOBEST to organize this first real-traffic test.”

In 2022, VinFast will launch two electric SUVs, the VF e35 and the VF e36, in Europe, starting with the German, French, and Dutch markets. Prior to the European launch, these two electric SUVs will be introduced in the US market at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2021.