Join us in the `ECOBEST Challenge 2023 – Electrified by VinFast` online press conference, scheduled to take place on the 19th of July at 11h00 AM CET

Register with your email and find out the results the world’s first real-traffic electric vehicle test. A zoom connection link will be send to this address , be used for joining the conference.

You can send your questions in advance below and we will answer during the Q&A session.

The “ECOBEST Challenge 2023 – Electrified by VinFast” results from the strategic collaboration agreement between VinFast and AUTOBEST, lasting since 2021. Notably, the 2023 edition marks the first time the ECOBEST Challenge received Bureau Veritas certification – a global recognition of the genuine, comprehensive, and innovative methodology employed in testing electric vehicles (EVs) in actual traffic conditions and assessing their real-life green credentials in an unbiased manner.

The ECOBEST Challenge, organized annually by AUTOBEST as  a customer oriented project, is the world’s first real-traffic electric vehicle test. The event aims to provide transparent information about electric vehicle models and raise public awareness about the benefits of transitioning to environmentally friendly green-powered vehicles. For the second year, Quattroruote, the Italian car bible, is supporting the event as a technical partner.

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